In the short story, "A Rose for Emily," where did the story happen? What year did it occur??  

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    William Faulkner's short story, "A Rose for Emily," was his first publication in a major magazine. It first made its appearance in 1930, and Faulkner had no doubt been working on it for some time before that. The exact date is not stated in the story, but we can assume it is probably in the early 1920s or possibly slightly earlier. We know that the Grierson home is "of the lightsome style of the seventies (1870s)," and the home is old and decrepit by the end of the story. Her taxes were remitted in 1894 and Miss Emily lived for some time after that.
    The story takes place in the mythical town of Jefferson and presumably in Mississippi, the setting of most Faulkner stories.

cneufeld | Student

we know Emily was 30 when her father died, and we also come to realize just after her father dies she starts to go a little cookoo, by cookoo i mean she thinks she doesnt have to pay her taxes etc. and when she doesnt pay her taxes it is in 1894, so we can subtract 30 from 1894, to figure out what year she was born, roughly, in 1864. her death is at 74 years old, so from an estimated time from about 1864-1938. hope it helps :)

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