1. When the meaning of the information available to a manager is unclear and can be interpreted in several ways, the information is: A. irrational. B. bounded. C. certain. D. ambiguous. 2. Susan works well with her teammates, accepts help from them and is always willing to coach them. She is considered to be____. A. a talker. B. Interdependent. C. creative. D. a devil's advocate. 3. U.S. auto manufacturers had an unprecedented chance to steal customers from Toyota because of the quality, safety, and public relations problems that Toyota recently experienced. This is considered a(n) _____ of a SWOT analysis. A. Weakness B. Strength C. Opportunity D. Strength.

When the meaning of the information available to a manger is unclear and can be interpreted in several ways, the information is ambiguous and can be risky for those making decisions.

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Since managers have the final say on most things, they require information to make those decisions. Sometimes the data they receive has multiple interpretations. For example, a sales report shows the company sold red t-shirts worth $5,000 in a single month. This information is ambiguous because the manager doesn’t know the type of red t-shirts sold. Were they made of cotton or polyester? Suppose the company orders more red cotton t-shirts and they don’t sell. The manager will be held responsible for the bad decision. Hence more information is required for clarity.

The success of any organization is determined by how well employees work with each other. Workers should complement one another instead of competing all the time. They should be interdependent and accept help from each other.

Companies compete against each other for a share of the market. They do that to increase revenues and profits. On rare occasions, one company can make a mistake that costs them dearly. Assume an automaker manufactures cars with faulty safety systems. The competing automaker has to take advantage of this loophole or opportunity if they want to have the upper hand and gain more clients. Opportunities rarely happen, and if they do, the moment has a limited timeframe. In this case, if the competing automaker delays in attracting the disappointed customers, the first automaker can recall the faulty cars and give consumers a huge discount on their next purchase to keep their loyalty.

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