What two major impacts has email had on interpersonal communication?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Email has impacted interpersonal communications on many levels - extensively for those who use the technology frequently, minimally for those who do not use computers or who have chosen to not adopt the shortcuts that have developed among electronic communications users.

Email has made communications much easier and faster for many people. Messages can be typed more quickly than written by hand, delivered with the speed of the internet connection, and stored and retrieved from any computer having access to the server. Sending a standardized message to many recipients is much easier via email than printing, addressing, and mailing separate notifications via postal service.

On the down side, the speed with which email messages can be written and sent may result in messages being sent in a moment of anger, messages being sent to unintended recipients, and incomplete information being provided due to hasty composition and poor proofreading before sending, with resulting confusion or problems.