1)What are some current and future human resource issues in health care? How may effective human resource management deal with these issues? 2)Do you consider outsourcing a pro or con in reaching health care strategic goals?  Why?

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Human resources issues unique to the health care industry have historically differed little in concept than for other professions.  Clearly, the stakes in the medical field are higher than in most, given the life-and-death nature of the work performed in many medical facilities, but the fundamentals remain largely the same as for other industries.  Recruiting, training and retaining the best people possible is the objective, whether in law, manufacturing, or health care.  The margin for error in the health care field is limited, but the training involved in operating a health care facility is designed to address these challenges, and the screening process is rigorous.  The responsibilities of human resources professionals remain as vital to the proper functioning of health care facilities as ever, but those responsibilities are not unique.

What will change with respect to human resources responsibilities within the health care field is the need to adapt to the changes in health care...

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