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According to St. Augustine in his Confessions, what are the sins of infancy? At what age is a person capable of sinning? What are the carnal corruptions St. Augustine talks about? According to St. Augustine, what was the worst part of his own act? What is the symbolic meaning of the garden in St. Augustine's description of his conversion?

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St. Augustine argues in Book 1, Chapters 6 and 7 of Confessions that sin begins at birth. Yes, even infants are sinful. He believes that original sin is shared by all humans, regardless of age. The selfishness inherent in original sin can be observed in the tantrums and crying fits that babies have. Babies will even try to harm others when they do not get their way. St. Augustine attributes the sins of greed and lust to an infant's desire for its mother's milk. They cry and thrash out when they want it, but it is not immediately given. They might even desire to hurt others to get it, only they are incapable of causing true harm due to their physical weakness. However, Augustine observes that their intentions are still sinful.

"The actions of a child who begs tearfully for objects that would harm him if given, gets into a tantrum when free persons, older persons and his parents, will not comply with his whims, and tries to hurt many people who know better by hitting out at them as hard as...

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