Assess the role Candy plays in helping George and Lennie achieve their dream.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Candy's role is a significant one, but it is one rooted in futility.  It is for this reason that his participation the dreams of George and Lennie is significant.  Candy is willing to contribute his own life savings to be a part of their vision of the future.  This is significant because it shows the overall inclusive nature of hope, the participatory spirit that enables people to believe in something of what should be as opposed to what is.  Rather than treat the vision that George and Lennie have with scorn and ridicule, Candy gravitates towards it.  He feels that the vision they have is something that he not only supports, but something in which he would like to be included.  His participation in this hopeful vision only underscores how reality undercuts such a fleeting grasp at redemption.  When Candy criticizes and heaps anger on the dead body of Curley's wife, it is a statement of how his own hopes in the dreams of George and Lennie have come to a crashing halt.  Candy's role in this is shown to be a significant one, a role that is repudiated with what happened in the barn between Lennie and Curley's wife.  It is here where one sees that his own role is a significant one, and translates into one of great pain to see his own hopes and dreams dashed by what amounts to be a cruel reality.