Which of the characters in "Fahrenheit 451" defies the status quo?  Explain how and why, citing specific parts of the novel and direct quotations as support for your answer.

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As every version of the book is different, I can't give you the page number, but I can refer to which part of each section that might help you.

The most obvious example of someone who defies the "status quo" (which means, the normal way of behaving in a society) is Clarisse.  Right from the start, Bradbury writes her as a character that is entirely different from most people in Montag's society--this is one reason that Montag finds her so refreshing and intriguing.  All of the examples and quotes for Clarisse can be found in the first 35 pages of the novel.

In her classes, and amongst her classmates, she is definitely a stand-out, defying typical societal expectations and norms.  For example, she states,

"I'm anti-social, they say.  I don't mix...I haven't any friends.  That's supposed to prove I'm abnormal...Do you know, I'm responsible."

All of these comments show how she doesn't fit into the social norm.  Kids her age all have friends and go do things together.  They are irresponsible non-thinkers who never interact on any level of depth.  Clarisse stands out so much that they have her going to a psychiatrist, who pries her about what she does in her free time (she says that she thinks and watches people) and why.  So in all aspects Clarisse is defying the status quo.

I hope that those thoughts help a bit; good luck!