What are the job titles of middle level managers?

krishna-agrawala | Student

There is no hard and fast rule for the job titles used for managers at different levels. Different companies use different set of titles for managers at different levels. Also there is significant variations in these titles according to to industry, geographical region. Then there is a trend towards devaluation of job titles with passage of time. For example about a hundred years back many business designated the person responsible for overall management of a business as 'Manager'. But around mid 20th century this title was used more often for managers in-charge of functional department within the business, and the designation 'General Manager' was give to the person responsible for management of the total business. Today, even managers with designation frequently manage limited functions within a company rather than complete business.

Today middle level managers can have a wide range of titles such as managers, general managers, and vice-presidents, with additional prefixes such as assistant, deputy, junior and senior to make further distinction between different levels of management. Of course, this does not mean managers with these titles belong to middle management in every company. For example, in some company a deputy manager may belong to lower level management but not in another. Similarly, in some company all persons at the level of general manger or vice-president may form part of top management team.

It is quite unlikely that titles such as chief executive officer (CEO), president, or managing director will be used in a company for any position except those at top management level. Similarly, designations such as supervisor are used primarily for first line managers.

daisy20 | Student

Its hard to give title to this india jobs all have different criteria.

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