What are the advantages of using the first person style in investigative reports?

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In investigative reports, first person style presents advantages for the people who must do and read these reports.  The first advantage is the immediacy which first person language produces.  It makes the interview sound as if the people reading it were there listening to the person speak.  Secondly, investigators write more naturally in first person making the report clearly understandable.  The third advantage is that it is much easier to quote or write what the interviewee said or did during the interview if the investigator doesn't have to worry about using third person observational language.  Lastly, if allowed, opinions can be expressed or impressions written in the report, and the readers can clearly see that they are not facts but purely opinions or observational impressions.  I believe that is important because often the impressions or intuitive instincts of an investigator are what breaks open either a case or an interviewee. Expressing these impressions is so much easier in first person style.