1.      What challenges face employees who are trying to implement aspects of the behavioral viewpoint in an organization?

krishna-agrawala | Student

One of the biggest challenges of implementing behavioral viewpoint in an organization. It frequently happens that people think that they know human behaviour very well from their personal experience and that they there is no need to spend time and energy in learning the theoretical concepts of human behavior developed by behavioral scientists.

The pitfall of over reliance on personal experience and intuition have been very well explained by Douglas McGregor in his famous book Human side of enterprise. In this book he present two sets of theories called theory X and theory Y. The theory X is the assumptions people often hold about nature  of human behavior, and which is evident from the way they manage human or behavioral aspects of their work. In contrast to this theory Y represents the real nature of human behavior as evidenced by studies of behavior science experts.

The second problem of implementing the right behavioural approach requires development of right sets of attitudes and skills. It is not enough to learn the need and importance of behavioural patterns like empathy, fairness, and respect for others. Managers have to actually change their own thinking and attitudes. Without such transformation on part of the person trying to implement the behavioral approach, will just descend to the level of meaningless lip service. Also the manager implementing such approach will need to acquires specific skill in interpersonal behavior.

Once required knowledge, attitudes and skills are taken care of the manager ca embark upon enlisting support of others and to bring about similar changes in them. The best place to start is with the top management. The support of top management is invaluable in speedy implementation of any such change initiative.

Once the support of top management is assured the next challenges is to ensure that the business processes and systems in the organization support the right kind of behavior pattern. For example, if the performance evaluation and reward system of an organization rewards individual performance and disregards contribution to team working, it is unrealistic to expect people to be very enthusiastic about developing team spirit.

Once all the above tasks and challenges are taken care of, all other implementation activities will automatically fall in place.

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