What one thing does Mafatu do for fun on the island in Call It Courage by Armstrong Sperry? What makes Mafatu's voyage home so hard? What makes the Chief realize that the boy with the spear is his son? Complete sentences please. Thanks for all this help!!

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Mafatu does not have much time to do things for fun on the island, as he has a lot of work to do to ensure his survival and prepare to journey back to his home.  He does take the opportunity to do something for his own enjoyment, however, when he finally finishes his canoe and takes it out on the water for the first time.  Mafatu is filled with pride when he finds how well the canoe handles on the sea; "never (has) he been as happy as in this moment".  Even though he knows that he should get back to the island to climb to the lookout, he stays out on the water , enjoying "to the full this new sensation of confidence in...

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