If 1 TV wall costs 1/3 of a fireman's yearly pay, app. how much do you think it would cost now? (let's say a fireman makes about $40,000 yearly today) in Fahrenheit 451

neela | Student

The cost of the TV is expressed as ratio of the yearly pay of the  fire man in the problem.

It means whatever the amount the fire man gets  , we have to multiplly that amount by 1/3  and the result is the cost of the TV.

We can also arrive at the cost of the TV by dividing the yearly pay of the fireman by 3.

Given yearly pay of the fireman = $40000.

The give ratio of TV  as fireman's yearly pay = 1/3.

Therefore the cost of TV =  $40000*1/3 = $13333*33.

Hope this helps.

william1941 | Student

In the question the information provided is that a TV costs 1/3 of a fireman's yearly pay and the fireman earns approximately $40000 per year.

Let's say the cost of the TV is C. So we have  C is equal to 1/3 of the yearly pay which is 40,000.

C= 40000*(1/3)

=> C= 40000/3

=> C = 13333.3

Therefore the approximate cost of the TV is $13333.3.

The required result is $13333.3

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