1.The three phases of the author’s relationship with his grandmother before he left the country to study abroad.

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The relationship  between grandmother & author was friendly ,    as in the first phase when author's parents leaved him to the village & went to live in the city she used to wake him up in the morning & get him ready for school , she used to fetch his slate which was washed and plastered with yellow chalk , ink pot & a red pen , she use to tie them in a bundle & hand this all things to author. And they use to go to temple every day while moving to school.

in the second phase we came to know that when author's parent were settled in the city , they call them there & this was the only turning point in their friendship as in the city author use to go to english school in a motor bus & that's why gramndma was not more able to give a company in his studies & to school. thus their relationship was changed as before & now they see less of each other.

in the third phase when author went to university he was given a separate living room & from that day relation between him & grandmother was changed their friendship was snapped . she use to sit in her wheel & start her prayers & she never tries to talk to anyone .

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