Regarding presidential electors, most states employ what? A. district plan method B. electoral college abolished C. winner-take-all method D. proprtional representation method

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The correct answer to this question is C.  There are a few states for which Option A is correct.  B and D are completely incorrect.

The Electoral College is created by the Constitution.  A state cannot simply do away with the Electoral College simply because it wants to do so.  This means that Option B cannot be correct.  Proportional representation is a system in which the votes in a given district are split up and given to different candidates depending on the percentage of the votes that they got.  In other words, if the Democrat got 40% of the votes and the Republican got 60% of the votes in a given state, the Democrat would get 40% of the electoral votes.  This is not a system that is used in the US.

Some states do use Option A.  Specifically, Maine and Nebraska do so.  However, they are the only states that do this so Option A is not correct.

That leaves Option C.  Almost all states give all of their electoral votes to whoever wins the popular vote in the state.  This means that a candidate can win the popular vote by just a few votes (as happened with President Bush in Florida in 2000) and can get all of the electoral votes for the state.

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