1. The Rebellion2. The Renaming of the Farm3. Major's Death4. Mr. Jone’s failure to feed the animals5. The visit to the farmhouse6. The development of Animalism7. Major’s Speech8. The Fire Can...

1. The Rebellion
2. The Renaming of the Farm
3. Major's Death
4. Mr. Jone’s failure to feed the animals
5. The visit to the farmhouse
6. The development of Animalism
7. Major’s Speech
8. The Fire

Can you put this is in order please?


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If you can get these in order, then you really know what the book is about. This is an excellent exercise. 

In chapter one, Old Major prophesies a future rebellion in view of their horrible lot in life (7). He riles up the animals in a powerful speech. At the end of the chapter, he dies (3). 

In chapter two, Jones gets drunk and forgets to feed the animals (4). This confirms for the animals that Jones and other humans do not care.  So the animals rebel (1). After a successful rebellion, they make a fire and place all their old equipment of enslavement into it.  They also rename the farm - Animal Farm (2). Finally, they create animalism (6), which the pigs were thinking about.  

In chapter four, Jones comes back to retake the farm, but he is unsuccessful (5), as the animals fight back. This is another big victory for the animals. 

Here is the order: 7, 3, 4, 1, 2, 6, 5.


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what about the number 8?

you've forgot 'the fire' one

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and can you answer to me for this question?

How and why do snowball leave the farm?