Identify at least five social norms within Anarresti society.

kandi125 | Student

Five of the social norms in Anarresti society from the book The Dispossessed: A Ambiguous Utopian are:

1. Openness about sex. Sexual relations which Anarrestians call copulating are encouraged between consenting adults and even adolescents. Their society does not believe in dating and nonconsensual sex, rape. The are no laws, societal disapproval or penalties against sex, except in the case of rape.

2. Shared ownership of community goods. a) Anarrestians sleep in community bedrooms that are only closed when couples are copulating. Thus, there are no possessive pronouns in their language. For example, when referring to items they only use one article which is the. b) Work is rotated among community members as persons choose the task they wish to complete. This is because community goods are shared, as are community responsibilities.

3. No shaving. Men in Anarresti society do not shave.

4. No meat eating. Anarrestians do not eat meat. They are vegetarians who sometimes incorporate fish into their diets. 

5. They do not use curse words. Anarresti's pravic language was created without curse words. Any curse words in their language were later imported from other languages. For example, the noun "profiteer" is used to curse someone.

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