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Identify common solutions for hardware installation problems under the following topics: power, video, RAM, CPU, hard drive, and optical drive. Identify solutions for the problems.

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Working with building, upgrading, or repairing computers can lead to great technological victory or humiliating defeat depending on a lot of factors.  Using your list, it is possible to see some common issues that one would need to be aware of before attempting any of those three procedures.  Proper static protection is important for all of these, so lets just get that out upfront.

1) Power -- the biggest problem with the power supply is making sure that it is powerful enough to run the components attached to it.  You would, if building a computer or adding components, want to add up their consumption to be certain the power supply could handle it.  Secondly, if a power supply is "dead" and not responding it is a good idea to check for an internal fuse that might need replacing.  Technically there is a voltage switch on the back of many power supplies that might have gotten flipped as well, though that doesn't happen too often.  Lastly, if putting in a new power supply you would...

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