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How many miles is it from Mt. Sinai (traditional site) to Jericho?

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This is a tough question, since the exact location of Mt. Sinai has been debated for centuries. Assuming that we use Mount Catherine (in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula) as the site of the Biblical Mt. Sinai, I have calculated the distance in the following manner:

  • It is approximately 17-22 miles from Jericho to Jerusalem.
  • It is approximately 176-192 miles from Jerusalem to Elat (or Eilat), Israel's southernmost city.
  • From Elat to Mt. Catherine is approximately 130 miles.

So, the total mileage from Jericho to Mt. Catherine is approximately 323 to 344 miles. The distance is calculated by road and travel distance, not by air or "as the crow flies."

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