How does Frost use the “Old fashioned way to be new”? Choose at least three of his poems (other than “Home Burial”) and explain how they illustrate the fact that he chose the “old fashioned way to be new.”

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An interesting question.

Frost chose more than one old-fashioned way to be new.

The simplest way is that he used traditional poetic structures to address modern concerns. This can be seen in " Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."

Another old-fashioned way to be new is the accent or emphasis on nature, in a near pastoral. This can be seen in "Birches."

A third old-fashioned way to be new is the use of the unified narrator—the "I" in " The Road Not Taken."

A fourth is the relative lack of mention of new technologies in any of these.

These are all old-fashioned elements to poetry, but you could say they are new, or address the new, due to the themes of the poems.

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