How does feeding Fodder-wing’s baby raccoon make Jody feel in The Yearling?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jody feels that the baby coon is delightful, and he enjoys holding it, wishing he could have one.

Jody likes how Fodder-wing Forrester always has a lot of pets.  He finds it interesting because his own mother won’t let him have any.  When Fodder-wing offers to give him the baby raccoon, saying he can get another, Jody says his mother won’t allow it.

Jody cuddled the 'coon against him. He thought he had never seen or touched a thing so delightful. The gray fur was as soft as his mother's outing flannel nightgown. The pointed face was masked across the eyes with a black bar. The bushy tail was beautifully ringed. (ch 5)

Jody really wants a pet.  He can’t understand why Fodder-wing gets to have so many.  He knows that Fodder-wing has a special talent and understanding for animals.  He wishes his mother would let him have one so he could have that special feeling and understanding.

Fodder-wing may have many disabilities and a rambunctious family, but Jody is envious of him.  Fodder-wing loves animals, and his special affinity for them is something Jody wishes he could emulate.  When it comes to animals, Fodder-wing is a mentor.


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