1. Hallmark Cards creates a group to design new greeting cards. It contains a writer, an art designer, and a marketing manager. This is an example of which type of group? A. Cross-cultural B. Cross-functional C. Friendship D. Informal. 2. Teams that are empowered to take responsibility for acting autonomously on identifiable pieces of work are referred to as: A. informal groups. B. self-managed work teams C. interest groups. D. virtual teams. 3. A ____ decision is one in which all members agree on the course of action to be taken even though it's not their first choice. A. synergy B. unanimous C. consensus D. majority. 4. Teams should be ____ in size. A. ample B. 10–15 members C. 15+ members D. small. 

A consensus decision is one in which all members agree on the course of action to be taken even though it's not their first choice.

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If a company project requires people of different skill sets, the management can pick individuals from contrasting departments. For example, the team can have a marketer from the marketing department, a programmer from the IT department, and an accountant from the finance department. This group is formed to perform a specific function.

To ensure that everybody has a sense of responsibility, the management can decide to let everybody self-manage. The lack of a central authority is supposed to encourage employees to use their skills to accomplish a single common goal.

During group or team discussions, disagreements or differences in opinion may arise. The group leader who is also the moderator is supposed to help the team reach a consensus. Unlike the majority-vote rule, a consensus considers the preferences of all team members. It encourages team members to come up with a list of solutions that’s acceptable to everyone. That means that if one team member is against the first solution, everyone has to think of another.

Finally, when forming work teams, don’t make them too large, because they can become difficult to manage. It’s always good to keep the number of members less than ten. That way, it becomes easy to assign responsibilities and tasks.

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