Comment on the names which the writer has given his characters in The Open Window.  

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Examining the names of characters in a text always provides a deeper understanding of a text. Therefore, examining the characters in Saki's short story The Open Window is of great importance in order to fully understand his characterization.

Frampton Nuttel is perhaps the easiest name to examine. Nuttel has been described by the narrator as suffering "from an undisclosed nervous ailment." He, therefore, could be characterized as a "nut" (meaning slang for a crazy person).

Mrs. Sappleton can be characterized in the same way. One can be sure that Vera is the dominant personality in the family and that she, in a sense, walks all over her aunt. Therefore, one could characterize Mrs. Sappleton as a "sap" (meaning a foolish/gullible person).

Lastly, one comes to Vera. Vera originated in Russia and means "faith" or "truth." This name is specifically ironic given that Vera is not faithful or truthful. She, from the beginning, tells Frampton lies and embellishes stories about her family.