The family met The Misfit because the grandmother made some mistakes. Make a list of those mistakes.

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In "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor, a grandmother, the protagonist, has a long overdue moral and spiritual growth and development.

At first she is a small-minded selfish woman when she remarks:

1) "Oh look at the cute pickaninny"(18)

2) "People are not certainly like they used to be" (36)

3) Blames Europe for "the way things were now" (45)

4) Regretted she didn't marry Mr. Teagarden "because he was a gentleman and had bought Coke stock when it first came out" (27)

The mistakes that she makes which causes things to happen are:

1) She persuades the family to depart the main road to see the old plantation

2) She causes the car accident by letting the cat out of the basket

3) She dooms the family when she recognizes the Misfit

4) Her final gestures incite the Misfit to murder her.

Now even though she causes the horrible tragic events to unfold, the grandmother eventually reveals and offers her compassionate heart to the Misfit; the Misfit makes a martyr out of her, and she goes to heaven for her Christ-like act of compassion in trying to redeem the Misfit.

O'Connor has often written stories with cruel characters highlighting the need for a religious enlightenment.

(All citations are paragraph numbers.)

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