Explain the factors that might affect an individual's choice of occupation.

Expert Answers

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  • Educational or trade/skill level - Certainly one is limited by his/her levels and areas of education or training when choosing a profession or avocation. After detection of one's aptitudes, one should channel him/herself into areas where there is both talent and skill in order to be qualified for a position. Choosing fields that are open to employment are also essential.
  • Area where one lives or wishes to live - Individuals need to be aware of what job markets are available in the location where they live or where they wish to relocate.
  • Demands/Requirements of the job - Individuals will want to consider what the position will entail, such as hours of work, clothing, equipment, travel, supplies, etc that one may have to purchase. Also, individuals may have to use their own vehicle for work assignments. 
  • Work Schedule - Some fields, such as recreation and retail and other sales, require a person to work evenings and weekends. If a person has a family, such a schedule could be during the time that others in the family are at home. So, the absence of the member working can affect interpersonal relations.
  • Benefits available - Insurance, 401K, retirement plans, profit sharing, vacations, day care for children are all things to consider when choosing an occupation.
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many factors that could have an impact on a person’s choice of career or occupation.   Not all people will give the same weight to each of these factors.   Some of the factors include:

  • Personal skills.  The abilities a person has will often help to determine what job they want because they will naturally want a job in which they can succeed.
  • Personal tastes.  People will often tend to try to enter occupations that sound interesting to them.  A person who does not like children, for example, might not want to try to become a teacher. 
  • Level of pay.  Some people care very much about how much money they can make in a given occupation.
  • Level of prestige.  Some people want jobs that will make others look up to them and respect them. 
  • Familial expectations.  Some people have parents and other family members who expect them to enter a certain occupation.  This can affect their choices.

All of these are factors that could have an impact on a person’s choice of occupation.   However, different people will attach different levels of importance to each of these factors.