1.Explain the dual behavior of hydrogen gas? 2.Give any four characteristics of water .I wanted to ask two questions, please.

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Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless gas.  It is the lightest element on the periodic chart of elements, consisting of one proton in its nucleus and one electron in the first energy orbital surrounding the nucleus.  Hydrogen is a gas at room temperature, which would be one of the behaviors you are asking about.  But it is not listed on the far right of the periodic chart.  Instead, it is listed to the far left, in group 1, the alkaline metals.  This is because of the one lone electron it possesses.  In chemical reactions, hydrogen behaves like the metals in group 1, giving up the lone electron to a more electronegative element, such as oxygen in the formation of water.  This forms a hydrogen ion (H+), which is instrumental in the formation of hydrogen compounds.  As for water, water is a liquid at room temperature, but can exist as a gas (steam) and a solid (ice).  Water has the chemical formula of H2O.  Water is clear, and pure water will not conduct electricity.  Water is also known as the "universal solvent" as it will dissolve many substances.