Is .1 equal to .10?  

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Yes, in the mathematical sense they are equal numbers. Trailing zeros can be omitted in math, so `.1=.10=.100000000,` and so on.

However, if these numbers represented "real life" measurements of some kind, then a measurement of `.10`is considered more precise than a measurement of `.1`, maybe due to a better measuring technique or a better instrument. That's the idea behind significant figures.

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.1 and .10 are equal. The 0 behind the 1 does not matter because there isn't any nonzero number after the 0. Therefore, it does not count. 

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Yes, they were equal

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Is .1 equal to .10?

Yes, because the trailing zeroes don't matter. Just as leading zeroes don't really matter either : 

00000.1 = .1 = .100000 

Granted, with sig figs, .10 is more accurate than .1 but I don't think that is what you are looking for. 

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Yes they are both equal one number just has one more 0 and 0s don't affect it

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