Discuss the effect of Howard Florey's contributions on society.Using Howard Florey as an example, give reasons why society should support scientific research.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Howard Florey's contributions to society were seismic in their importance.  Florey and Chain were able to take Fleming's work in discovering penicillin and apply it to human biology.  Florey was able to develop theories regarding how Fleming's discovery can be applied as a cure to human sickness.  "Equipped with a firm background in physiology," Florey was able to facilitate "work on mucus secretion led him to investigate the intestine's resistance to bacterial infection."  In this, he used what Fleming had already established and enhanced it. Afer establishing this, Florey was able to work with Chain in "purifying, concentrating, and clinically testing" the chemical compound that would represent the medical use of penicillin.

Florey's work is an example of the power and transformative capacity of science.  He was able to take what an existing scientist had done and make it "better."  Science is driven by the need for improvement and self- correction.  Florey's work enabled lives to be saved and the quality of life to significantly increase.  At the same time, Florey demonstrated how science is a collaborative venture. His work was not done in isolation as he worked with Ernst Chain. An Australian and German were able to collaborate with one another in the name of science.  In the process, they made the world better. Such an example of intellectual pursuit in the name of social progress and international cooperation would justify public funding of scientific endeavors.  Florey's work was not designed to control the world or serve an agenda of self- interest.  Intellectual passion merged with rigorous scientific method to make consciousness more bearable.  In funding such endeavors, society is made better with its results as well as showing for what it stands through its allocation of financial resources.