1. Describe three examples of unethical behavior. 2. Explain two advantages and two disadvantages of teams in the workplace. 3. Name the stages of team development. Explain how your team (in this course) should work effectively in each of these stages. 4. What is synergy? What five factors contribute to synergy in teams? 5. Why should managers behave ethically? 6. Explain five characteristics of an entrepreneur. b) Who is an "intrapreneur"? 7. a) Name the three criteria for setting effective goals that were discussed in this course. b) Using the criteria you noted above, write a goal for an employee in your company. c) Write a personal goal for yourself.

Unethical behavior is conduct that goes against company policies and regulations, and three examples might be stealing company property, embezzling funds, and spreading lies about a colleague.

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To some extent, unlawful behavior such as stealing company property or embezzling funds can be considered unethical behavior. Gossiping or spreading lies about a colleague in the workplace is also unethical.

Sometimes in an organization, you may be required to work in teams to accomplish a certain task. Teams are great, because they allow colleagues to bond and form better relationships. Also, by sharing ideas, team members can come up with creative solutions to problems. However, teams are not perfect, and employees can get into conflicts with each other. Also, not everybody in the team may get a chance to participate, especially if the deadline for the project is short.

As a project manager, you can use these five steps to create a team: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. In the forming stage, ask the team members to introduce themselves and mention their specialty. Then, give everybody responsibilities and a deadline to make sure things go smoothly. In the storming stage, become the moderator and give everyone a chance to speak of their concerns. Address them as a group and move on to the next stage. In the norming stage, ask the team to give you weekly reports on the progress of the project. In the performing stage, encourage team members to check in on each other more often and work collectively. In the adjourning stage, discuss and identify what went wrong and how those mistakes can be avoided in the future.

If you’re successful with the five stages of team development, your colleagues will have positive synergy. Positive synergy is where the collective performance of team members is better than their individual work. Trust, communication, commitment, respect, and passion contribute to positive synergy in teams.

Earlier, I mentioned ethical behavior and its examples. As a manager, you are supposed to behave ethically so that you can inspire your team to do the same. Such behavior can boost productivity and lead to the synergy of team members.

A manager who runs their business is considered an entrepreneur. Apart from being a team player and ethical, an entrepreneur should also have passion, perseverance, and self-confidence. On the other hand, a manager who works for a company that’s not theirs but is given total freedom to run the department like an independent business is called an intrapreneur.

Regardless of whether you’re an intrapreneur or entrepreneur, you have to set specific, measurable, and relevant objectives for your organization. For example, you can ask one team member to interview at least fifteen female colleagues to find out their views on a new technology that your organization is thinking of developing. The goal is specific—the team is supposed to interview women working in your organization. The goal is measurable—the team member is supposed to interview fifteen women or more. The goal is relevant—the questions are related to the current team project.

An example of a goal you can set for yourself as the manager is to complete the first four phases of the team project in four months.

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