How did Braithwaite change the students?

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I think that Braithwaite is able to change the students in the way in which they view adult authority figures.  For the students at Greenslade, adult authority figures had been viewed with skepticism, doubt, and certain amount of mistrust.  Part of this had been warranted as the students in the school were considered to be the "at risk" students who were cast off by a hierarchic education system.  The reality is that Braithwaite understood that treating such students with a transcendent sense of respect and maturity would fundamentally alter their perception of him and authority figures, in general.  Instead of teaching his students to see the world as what is, Braithwaite advocated a transformative vision of teaching and learning in which students were able to see themselves and their world as one of what can be.  It is here where the greatest change in the students is evident.  Braithwaite is able to change the students through his approach that drove home the idea that if the students "buy in" to what he was selling, they could find success.  Braithwaite is able to change the students' perceptions in terms of viewing the world in a context where opportunity and self- respect determined success, as opposed to fighting the standard battles of "adults are bad and kids are good," into one where they see themselves as active agents of change of both themselves and the world which they inherit.  It is here where Braithwaite's attempts at changing the students are most evident.

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