Describe Jonas’s experience while riding away from his community in The Giver.  

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter Twenty-One presents us with a rather abrupt ending. Having determined to work quietly and slowly from within the community to change it, the imminent "release" of Gabriel means that Jonas is forced to flee his home with Gabriel to save him from what he now knows to represent death. In spite of this massive and sudden change in how Jonas expected things to happen, he actually experiences significant calm as he leaves the only home that he has ever known. Note how his experience is described in this chapter:

He felt, surprisingly, no fear, nor any regret at leaving the community behind. But he felt a very deep sadness that he had left his closet friend behind. He knew that in the danger of his escape he must be absolutely silent; but with his heart and mind, he called back and hoped that with his capacity for hearing-beyond, the Giver would know that Jonas had said goodbye.

Thus it is that Jonas does not experience any feelings of regret or fear, however, his departure is tinged with the sadness of leaving his "closest friend" behind, the Giver, whom he has gotten to know so well during his training.