1) a)describe "Banquo's revenge" in act 4 scene 1b) what is its effect of Macbeth

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Concerning Shakepeare's Macbeth, I assume you're referring to the vision Macbeth sees that presents Banquo's heirs as kings. The vision presents the line of Stuart kings which culminates in James I, who was reigning at the time the play was first produced. 

Macbeth, of course, tries to change fate in Act 3 when he plans and orders the killing of Banquo and Fleance.  He succeeds in eliminating Banquo, but fails to eliminate Fleance.  This makes the ruling by Banquo's heirs possible.

The last figure shown in the vision is Banquo, holding a magic mirror that shows Macbeth many more kings.  Macbeth yells, "I'll see no more."  But the kings just keep coming.  And the blood-matted Banquo smiles at Macbeth while pointing to the kings. 

Macbeth asks the witches if this is so. 

These are the only specific reactions to the vision revealed.  But, in reaction to all of the visions shown him, and in reaction to the news that Macduff has fled to England, Macbeth determines to act immediately on his first thoughts:

The very firstlings of my heart shall be

The firstlings of my hand.

He will not think or hesitate before acting from now on.  And he keeps his word, immediately ordering the slaughter of Macduff's family.  

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