1. Describe the advantages of using satellites.( 300 words).

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crmhaske eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many advantages to using satellites that span a wide range of purposes such as communication, military, entertainment, navigation, and meteorology.  Without communication satellites, for instance, the Internet would not be accessible to many people on Earth.  Communications satellites are used to allow people in remote areas to gain access to the Internet.  When used for military purposes, satellites greatly enable the surveillance of large areas that would otherwise be impossible.  Also advantageous is the use of satellite phones by troops in order to communicate with people hundreds of miles away.  For the purposes of entertainment, television and radio broadcasts would be much less diverse without satellites as we would not be afforded the rich assortment of channels available to us from overseas.  In a world without satellites Global Positioning Systems (GPS) would not be possible, which are the navigation tool of choice.  And finally, though not completely, weather forecasts are more reliable with the aid of satellites, which can imagine and analyze weather systems as they move and change.

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