Describe 3 conflicts in Act I of The Crucible.  

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1.  Parris has numerous conflicts with others and his own sense of ego.  For example, he is upset that he doesn't get more money for a salary, and he fights with Proctor about that one.  Then, he complains that he has to pay for his firewood.  Then, he complains that no one appreciates him or his degree from Harvard.  Then, he is upset when Proctor tells him that his sermons are too intense, and that they frighten small children.  So, he has conflict with his sense of wounded pride in the community, and with the townsfollk over the subject matter of his sermons.

2.  Thomas Putnam gets into arguments with John Proctor and Giles Corey over land boundaries.  John and Giles are leaving to go gather firewood, and Thomas challenges their land boundaries, insinuating that John has unfairly used his land for firewood in the past.  Giles mentions that Thomas has a reputation for taking land that isn't nailed down and confirmed as being owned by someone else, and they argue over that for a few minutes.

3.  There is a lot of conflict revolving around Abigail. First, she fights with her uncle about the dancing in the forest and about why she was fired from her previous job.  Then she fights with John about her being in love with him still and not willing to abandon his wife for her.  Then, she fights with the other girls, who are terrified and want to confess to making spells.  So, she brings a lot of conflict with her.

I hope that those thoughts help to get you started; good luck!