Compare the relationships between Baba and Ali and Amir and Hassan. Were their personal relationships affected by their social statuses? How?

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Baba and Ali's relationship is strikingly similar to Amir and Hassan's relationship because both friendships are affected by society's expectations, which prevent Baba and Amir from genuinely expressing their feelings of admiration and love for Ali and Hassan. Baba and Amir are ethnic Pashtuns, which is the ruling Sunni majority in Afghanistan. They enjoy privileged lives and access to opportunities that Ali and Hassan could only dream of. Both Ali and Hassan are oppressed Hazaras and occupy a much lower social status than Baba and Amir. Hazaras are the ethnic Shia minorities living in Afghanistan and are discriminated against throughout the country.

In Afghanistan, it is socially unacceptable for a Pashtun to have an open relationship or friendship with a Hazara. Pashtuns view Hazaras as second-class citizens, which dramatically affects Baba and Amir's relationship with Ali and Hassan. Even though Baba is best friends with Ali and the two men were inseparable as children, Baba...

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