Choose one major event from To Kill a Mockingbird and rewrite it from the perspective of a different character (2-3 pages) One from part 1 of the story        

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can't write the essay for you, but I can help you get started with picking an event and a character.  I think you could do a lot with Dill.  He visits every summer, and he seems like the kind of character that would write something hilarious.  Because you mentioned that one event must be picked, it then needs to be something that Dill is a part of.  I would choose the part when Dill and Jem decide to try and take a peep inside of the Radley house.  It's a tension filled sequence, and would likely be filled with great narrative descriptions from Dill.  The event is at night and deals with Jem and Dill sneaking up to the window of the creepy neighbor.  I'm sure you have a neighbor like that.  Everybody does.  Tap into those memories from your childhood and write the story as Dill would tell it.  

A different major event is the burning down of Miss Maudie's house.  I would write the sequence from Boo's perspective, since he used this chance to put a blanket around Scout's shoulders.  It would be great to hear what Boo might have been thinking about.  

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