1.85L of a gas at 97.0 kPa and 28 degree celcius was collected in flexible container. What will be the volume at STP conditions?

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The STP as specified by the IUPAC is a temperature of 273.15 K and a pressure of 100 kPa.

Now we use the Ideal Gas Law, PV= nRT, where P denotes pressure, V denotes volume, n is the amount of the gas in moles, R is the universal gas constant and T is the temperature.

We have collected 1.85L of a gas at 97.0 kPa and 28 degree Celsius or 28+ 273.15 = 301.15 K

So we can take V1 = 1.85L, P1 = 97 kPa and T1= 301.15.

From the Ideal Gas LAw, n = P1*V1 / R*T1 = P2*V2 / R*T2

P2 which is the pressure at STP is 100 kPa and T2 at STP is 273.15K. We need to find the volume V2. An the number of moles n is the same we get the relation:

P1*V1 / R*T1 = P2*V2 / R*T2

=> 97* 1.85/ R*301.15 = 100*V2 / R*273.15

=> V2 = 97* 1.85*R*273.15 / R*301.15*100

=> V2 = 97* 1.85*273.15 / 301.15*100

=> V2 = 1.6276

Therefore the volume at STP is approximately 1.6275L

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