1)-57 rational or irrational? 2)0.60719001 rational or irrational?3)what is the answer to this:<1/root 121>4)what is the root of 384? these are math questions. please help me answer.there are 4 questions.

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I agree that rational numbers can be written as the ratio (fraction) of two integers.  Irrational numbers are non-repeating, non-terminating.  0.60719001 terminates and can be written as a fraction (although cumbersome) 60719001/100000000.

1/root (121) can be 1/11 OR - 1/11 since 121 has TWO square roots.

Regarding root (384), we can simplify 384 into 4 X 96 (not 94). The radical answer (yes this is irrational, but we are not done yet.)  The greatest square factor of 384 is 64. (I kept dividing by 4 until I landed at 6) So we get the square root of 64 times the square root is 6 - or 8Xroot(6)

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