1500 golden toads were counted in 1987 within 4 km^2. Calculate the population density.

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In 1987, 1500 golden toads were counted within an area of 4 km^2. The population density refers to the number of golden toads in a unit area.

In this case it is 1500/4 = 375 toads per km^2.

The population density of golden toads in 1987 was 375 per km^2.

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The golden toad population means the amount of golden toads in an area of 1km^2.


Amount of golden toads in 4km^2 = 1500

Amount of golden toads in 1km^2 = 1500/4 = 375


The golden toads density in 1987 is 375 golden toads per square kilometer.