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Wilson2014 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

$1,200 TV; 10% discount

Due to the ambiguity of this question, we will find the solution with the consideration of two likely situations:

1. Find the original price of the TV if it is now $1,200 after a 10% discount.

2. Find the discounted price of the TV if it is now $1,200 and a 10% discount is offered.

Situation 1:

When the discount is given in percentage, it is important to change it into decimal form before performing any calculations. To do so, shift the decimal place two places to the left because a percentage is the same thing as the number divided by 100. So: 

` `

` `

` `

10% = `10/100 = .10`

If we let "x" equal the original price before the discount, the set up for the problem should be as follows.

`1200 = x-(x*0.10) = 0.90x.`

This means that when we take a 10% discount, only 90% of the original price is remaining; hence, the "0.90x." To solve, simply divide by 0.90 to both sides of the equation to find the value of "x," which is equal to $1333.33. The original price is $1333.33.

Situation 2:

Following the same concepts and letting "x" now equal the price of the discounted price, the set up should be:

`x = 1200-(1200*0.10)` or `x = 1200*0.90`

Either equation should work. The first equation illustrates that we are subtracting 10% of the original price from the original price since we are given a $10 discount from the original price. The second equation illustrates that if we take a 10% discount, only 90% of the original price should remain. Either or, both equations should give us the same answer. Solving for "x," we find that the discounted price is $1080. 

tjbrewer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would read this as being the TV is $1,200 and has a 10% discount offered. 

To find 10% of any number is actually quite simple, 10% is also .10  We multiply 1,200 by .1, and we get 10% of 1,200 `1,200 xx 0.1=120 ` so the discount on the TV is 120. 

We subtract the 120 from 1,200 and we find `1200-120=1,080` So the final price of the TV is $1,080. 

baxthum8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

 Find the price of a TV that is originally $1200 and has a 10% discount.

Since there is a 10% discount that means that you will pay 90%.  Therefore, to find the price you'll pay, simply multiply:

`$1200* 90% = 1200(0.9) = 1080`

The price of the TV will now cost you $1080.

science2014 | Student

The question is not clearly stated. I guess the question is:

What will be the price of a $1,200 TV  after 10% discount?

If so, this is simple math!

First find what amount corresponds to 10% of the original price and then subtract that amount from the original price.

10% of $1,200 = $1,200 x (10/100) = $120

So the discounted price = $1,200 - $120 = $1,080

amysor | Student

I am assuming there is a $1,200 TV that has 10% off.

The simple way of finding the new total is by multiplying the price by the new decimal percentage 

`1,200 * .90 = 1,080`

The reason why I multiplied by .90 is because percentage is out of 100. If there is a discount of 10%, you are now paying 90% of its new price.

malkaam | Student

If the price of the TV is $1200, and the discount given is 10%, we will find out the price after discount by first calculating the discount and then subtracting that amount of discount from the original price.

Here, we know that the original price is $1200, and we know that:

Original price - discount = selling price.

We already have the original price, so now to find out the discount we use the formula:

discount percentage X original price

therefore, 10% X $1200

So, 10/100 X 1200

= 1/10 X 1200

= 1200/ 10

=$ 120

therefore, discount is $120.

Now to find out the selling price, we use the above mentioned formula:

Original price - discount = selling price.

Therefore, $1200 - $120

= $1080

Therefore, the selling price is $1080.

sid-sarfraz | Student


Actual Price of TV = $ 1200

Discount = 10%

Discounted Price of TV = ?

Discount in $ = ?


Discount $      = Price of TV x 10%

                     = 1200 x 10/100

Discount in $   = 120 $

Now we know that the discount that can be deducted from original price on applying 10% is $120....

Now we will find the discounted price of TV;

Discounted price = Actual price - Discount

                        = 1200 - 120

                        = 1080

So the Discounted price or the price of TV after discount is $1080.....

Hence Solved.... 

first we need to find out what 10% of 1200 is...

in this case, it would be 120, now it says discount therefore wwe will be egtting that much OFF of the original price=1200

so 1200-120= sale price at 1080

rachellopez | Student

If you have a TV that originally costs $1,200 and is 10% off, you have to multiply $1,200 by .90 to find the new price. I find this easier than finding how much you get off and then subtracting that from the original. This way, since you know you are paying 90% of the original price, you only need one step.


$1,080 would be the new sales price, which doesn't include the sales tax.

atyourservice | Student

$1,200 TV; 10% discount

100%-10%=90% so the current price 90% of the original now make 90% a decimal this can be done by 90/100 = .9

now multiply 1200 x .9 = 1080

the price is $1080

Yojana_Thapa | Student

$1200 * .90 = $1080