0.02x+0.01(5000-x)=88 In this equation how do I determine how many large postcards and small cards can be printed when large postcards are 2 cents and small postcards are 1 cents?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If the number of large postcards to be printed is x, and the total number of postcards to be printed is 5000, the number of small postcards that is printed is (5000 - x).

As it costs 2 cents to print a large postcard and 1 cent to print a small postcard and the total amount to be spent is $88, the equation that is arrived at is:


Open the brackets

=> 0.02x+0.01*5000-0.01*x=88

=> 0.01*x + 50 = 88

Subtract 50 from both the sides

=> 0.01*x = 38

Divide both the sides by 0.01

=> x = 3800

This gives the number of large postcards printed as 3800 and 1200 small postcards are printed.