What is one major misunderstanding that leads to conflict in Things Fall Apart?

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One of the major misunderstandings that results in conflict takes place in chapter twenty-two and involves a zealous Christian convert named Enoch. During the annual ceremony celebrating the earth goddess, Enoch taunts the egwugwu by daring one of them to touch him. One of Umuofia's ancestral spirits, in the form of an egwugwu, approaches Enoch and simply strikes him with a cane. Enoch responds by attacking the egwugwu and tearing off his mask, which is considered the most serious crime a person can commit. To the Igbo tribesmen, unmasking an egwugwu is equivalent to murdering an ancestral spirit, which is something the European Christians do not understand.

The following day, the egwugwu assemble and seek vengeance on Enoch and the...

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