eNotes Employment Opportunities

About eNotes

eNotes has been online since 2003, serving millions of students and teachers every year through both eNotes.com and OwlEyes.org. The company is privately held and has been profitable since its outset. eNotes has its offices in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The company values a work-life balance (half-day Fridays!). The founders are involved on day-to-day basis with the company. Read more about the company and our staff.

Below is a list of current job opportunities at eNotes:

Freelance Writers

The eNotes Educator program is currently seeking writers with several years of experience to help us generate high-quality material for the site. Educators produce content in a Q&A format for our Homework Help section, where we have hundreds of student questions available for you to answer in literature, history, and the social sciences. The average pay rate for a 120-word answer is $7.40, but writers can earn up to $37 per answer. Ideal candidates are familiar with a wide array of literary works and have experience generating professional prose in academic and educational settings. Please note that we are currently not accepting applicants who specialize in the following subject areas: math, science, and business. Apply for the position here, and feel free to contact editorial@enotes.com with questions.

Editorial, Marketing, and Writing Interns

We offer paid internships at our Capitol Hill location. Please visit our Internship page for current offerings.

Full Stack Lead Developer

eNotes is actively seeking a Full Stack Lead Developer with extensive experience building and maintaining web applications. We are a small but growing team, and your contributions will have a significant impact on our organization.

This is a senior level position. From your experience, we expect you to understand that nearly every decision in software development is a trade-off, and that you’re able to effectively evaluate trade-offs based on current requirements and constraints. You believe that in most cases, dumb and simple is better than clever and complex, and clarity is better than magic.

We value humility, and the ability to be self-critical. We value the understanding that perfect software does not exist, but that a team of developers working in a positive, collaborative fashion can write better software.

The Full Stack Lead Developer is responsible for architecting and implementing features and improvements across the entire stack. The Full Stack Lead Developer is an individual contributor, but is expected to be a leader on the team, leading by example though excellent code quality and insightful mentoring.

  • Work with stakeholders across the organization on strategizing, planning, developing, and testing new features.

  • Lead projects from start to finish, including architecture, development, testing, and deployment.

  • Plan and implement an automated testing strategy, including creating testing-related processes and procedures for the team to follow, working with DevOps to automatically run tests, adding tests for legacy code, and mentoring the team on how to write good tests.

  • Plan and implement quality- assurance processes and procedures, including tools such as static analysis and documentation generation, and adapt our development workflow to ensure that using the team is actively using these tools.

  • Conduct insightful code reviews with an emphasis not only on ensuring code quality, but also as a learning opportunity for all.

  • Ensure the team is following industry- standard best practices, including adapting our development process to ensure that best practices are followed.

  • Help oversee documentation efforts, including regularly writing documentation, planning overall documentation strategy, and mentoring team members on writing good documentation.

  • Promote a team culture of continual growth and improvement through mentoring, talks, and feedback.

  • Assist with the hiring process, including interviewing prospective developers and improving the hiring process itself.

  • Identify areas of both our codebase and development process that need improvement; plan and implement such improvements.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or related field.

  • 8+ years of experience developing scalable web apps .

  • Significant experience working with an object- oriented language, including: composition and inheritance and when it makes sense to use them; classes, abstract classes, and interfaces; SOLID principles; and common design patterns.

  • In-depth understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including modern tooling and best practices.

  • You feel at home on the *nix command line, and ideally have experience working with Amazon Web Services, including EC2, RDS, and S3.

  • In-depth understanding of automated testing, including effectively writing unit tests and code that is easily testable, writing tests for legacy code, and creating tests that actually provide value.

  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to write effective documentation, explain concepts to the development team at large, and collaborate effectively with non-technical team members.

Interested candidates should contact jobs@enotes.com.