Literary Techniques

Two techniques enable Shaw to tell his tale of two armies, three continents, and four years without bogging down in details, narrative...

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The Young Lions Ideas for Group Discussions

The Young Lions will appeal primarily to readers with an interest in history — either the Second World War in particular or...

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The Young Lions Social Concerns

The central concern of the novel is the war against Nazi Germany, 1941-1945, which transformed the United States economically and...

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The Young Lions Literary Precedents

War has been a subject for American fiction since James Fenimore Cooper's novels of the American Revolution. Yet no writer broke the...

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The Young Lions Related Titles

Shaw's first play, Bury the Dead (1936) is a fantasy in which dead American soldiers rise up and refuse burial. Failing to talk the...

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The Young Lions Adaptations

Surprisingly, ten years elapsed between the publication of Shaw's novel and the premier of Edward Dymtryk's film version. Photographed in...

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The Young Lions Bibliography

(Masterpieces of American Fiction)

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