Three Sisters Summary


Norma Fox Mazer was the middle sister in a family of three, and she had three daughters. When she wrote this book, she decided to tell it from the standpoint of Karen, the youngest of the three.

Any reader who has sisters would benefit from reading this book; however, girls would be much more interested than boys. All three are involved in solving problems with the men in their lives. What should a girl do if her boyfriend pressures her for sex? What happens if she refuses? How does a girl cope with the break up of a relationship? What happens if one sister is attracted to another sister's boyfriend? What if there is physical abuse? What if alcohol causes problems? What about smoking cigarettes? Another big problem that is dealt with in the book is differences of age in couples. Dealing with parents is another consideration.

Adolescents face so many problems that seeing these very real characters solve and sometimes muddle through them could give them insights into their own problems. A very basic part of the book is how the youngest sibling fits into the family. Much of the first half of this book is devoted to showing where each member of the family fits in. Tobi said, "Liz is the most beautiful and creative. I am the gutsiest and most practical. Dad is the most idealistic and dreamy." Since Karen is left out, she wants to know what she is, and Tobi says that she is their monkey. Finally she says, "Okay, you're—you." This leaves Karen to...

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