Something Happened Analysis

Literary Techniques

Abandoning the multiple points of view of Catch-22, Heller in Something Happened experiments with a first person interior...

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Something Happened Ideas for Group Discussions

Readers who delighted in Heller's verbal wit and exposure of bureaucratic absurdities in Catch-22 may be disappointed in Something...

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Something Happened Social Concerns

Like Catch-22 (1961), Something Happened exposes the moral vacuity of American society. In this later novel, the targets of Heller's...

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Something Happened Literary Precedents

The major influence upon Something Happened is William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury (1929). Stylistically, Heller has...

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Something Happened Related Titles

Something Happened is most closely related to Heller's fourth novel, God Knows (1984), in the use of a first-person monologue...

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