Riders of the Purple Sage Analysis

Literary Techniques

Even though his characterization is weak, Zane Grey can tell a story. Riders of the Purple Sage contains one of his most involved and...

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Riders of the Purple Sage Social Concerns

Riders of the Purple Sage is a romance, and like all romances it is several steps removed from reality. Zane Grey wrote about a time...

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Riders of the Purple Sage Literary Precedents

Zane Grey is a loner in literature, and one will search in vain for signs of influence from among his literary peers. In some ways his novels...

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Riders of the Purple Sage Related Titles

Riders of the Purple Sage bears a close relationship with all of Grey's novels. It is broader in scope and less restricted in plot...

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Riders of the Purple Sage Adaptations

Hollywood filmed three of Grey's novels in 1918: Riders of the Purple Sage, The Rainbow Trail, and The Border Legion. Since...

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