The Outsiders Characters

Character Summary

Ponyboy Curtis is the sole narrator of The Outsiders, so all the characters and all the action are seen through his eyes as the reader...

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The Outsiders Character Development

Ponyboy Curtis, his best friend Johnny Cade, and the tough hood Dallas Winston are the main characters in The Outsiders. Ponyboy narrates...

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The Outsiders Complete Character Analysis

Johnny Cade

Beaten by his father and ignored by his mother, he stays around town only because he is the gang's pet, "everyone's kid brother." Johnny...

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Darrel Curtis

Darrel has been taking care of the family ever since Mr. and Mrs. Curtis died in a car wreck, eight months before the start of the novel. A...

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Ponyboy Curtis

The story is Ponyboy Curtis's narrative about his experience seeing three young men die. Pony is a good student, a track star, and a greaser....

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Dallas Winston

"The real character of the gang," Dally was arrested his first time at the age of ten. He spent three years on the "wild side" of New York...

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Other Characters

Randy Adderson
Randy is Bob's best friend and takes his death very hard. Before the rumble, he has a talk with Ponyboy...

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