The Odyssey eText - Greek Gods and Goddesses


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Greek Gods and Goddesses

*= appears in the Odyssey

*Aphrodite – goddess of beauty and love (Roman: Venus)

*Apollo – god of music, healing, and light (Roman: Apollo)

*Ares – god of war (Roman: Mars)

*Artemis – goddess of the moon, hunting, and the protector of women (Roman: Diana)

Asclepius – god of medicine

*Athena – goddess of wisdom, justice, art, invention, and industry (Roman: Minerva)

*Circe – a goddess well versed in sorcery, drugs, and herbs

*Demeter – goddess of the harvest and fertility (Roman: Ceres)

*Dionysus – god of wine and fertility (Roman: Bacchus)

Eileithyia – goddess of childbirth

Eirene – goddess of Peace

Enyo – goddess of war (Roman: Bellona)

Erida – goddess of hatred

*Eos – goddess of the wind, and the dawn (Roman: Aurora)

Eris – goddess of strife (Roman: Discordia)

Eros – god of love and lust (Roman: Cupid)

*Gaia – earth; mother earth; primary goddess of fertility

*Hades – god of the underworld (Roman: Pluto)

*Hebe – goddess of youth

Hectate – goddess of the moon, witchcraft, night, and the underworld

*Hephaestus – god of fire (Roman: Vulcan)

*Hera – Queen of the gods; goddess of marriage and childbirth (Roman: Juno)

*Hermes – the messenger for the gods; god of wealth, luck, and travelers (Roman: Mercury)

Hestia – goddess of the hearth and domestic joy (Roman: Vesta)

Hygeia – goddess of health

Hymen – god of weddings

Hypnos – god of sleep (Roman: Somnus)

Iris – goddess of the rainbow and messenger for the gods

Mnemosyne – goddess of memory; mother of the muses

Morpheus – god of dreams

Nemesis – goddess of moderation

Nyx – ancient goddess of night (Roman: Nox)

*Oceanus – god of the ocean

Pan – god of pastures, flocks, and shepherds (Roman: Faunus)

*Persephone – Queen of the underworld; goddess of vegetation (Roman: Proserpine)

Pontus – ancient sea god

*Poseidon – god of the sea (Roman: Neptune)

Prometheus – rebel Titan who gave fire to mortals in defiance of Zeus

Selene – goddess of the moon (Roman: Luna)

Thanatos – god of death

*Themis – goddess of laws, justice, and order

Uranus – ancient god of the sky

*Zeus – King of the gods; god of light and the sky (Roman: Jupiter/Jove)