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Dramatis Personae

Attendants, Musicians of the Watch, Antonio's Son and other Kinsmen

  • DON PEDRO, Prince of Arragon
  • LEONATO, Governor of Messina
  • ANTONIO, an old man, brother of Leonato
  • BENEDICK, a young lord of Padua
  • BEATRICE, niece to Leonato
  • CLAUDIO, a young lord of Florence
  • HERO, daughter to Leonato
  • MARGARET, gentlewoman attending to Hero
  • URSULA, gentlewoman attending to Hero
  • DON JOHN, Don Pedro's bastard brother
  • BORACHIO, follower of Don John
  • CONRADE, follower of Don John
  • DOGBERRY, a Constable
  • VERGES, a Headborough
  • A Sexton
  • BALTHASAR, attendant on Don Pedro
  • A Boy
  • Messenger to Leonato
  • Another Messenger