The Lottery Characters


Mr. Adams
Mr. Adams is one of the men of the village. While he seems to be one of the few who questions the lottery when he mentions that another village is thinking about giving up the ritual, he stands at the front of the crowd when the stoning of Tessie begins.

Mrs. Adams
Along with Tessie Hutchinson, Mrs. Adams seems to be one of the few women of the village who questions the lottery. She tells Old Man Warner that "some places have already quit lotteries."

Mrs. Delacroix
An acquaintance of Tessie Hutchinson's, Mrs. Delacroix is the first person Tessie speaks to when she arrives late at the lottery. When Tessie protests the method of drawing, it is Mrs. Delacroix who says, "Be a good sport, Tessie." Mrs. Delacroix, however, is among the most active participants when the stoning begins, grabbing a stone so heavy she cannot lift it. Some critics suggest that Mrs. Delacroix represents the duality of human nature: she is pleasant and friendly on the outside, but underneath she possesses a degree of savagery.

Mrs. Janey Dunbar
Janey Dunbar is the one woman at the lottery who has to draw for her family because her husband is at home with a broken leg. When Mr. Summers asks her if she has an older son who can do it for her, she says no and then, regretfully, "Guess I gotta fill in for the old man this year." She seems to accept the patriarchal system with complacency, but when the stoning begins she picks up only small stones and then says she cannot run and will "catch up." This is one of the few hopeful and seemingly compassionate actions in the story.

Mr. Graves
Mr. Graves is the village's postmaster, the second most powerful official in the community. He helps Joe Summers administer the lottery and, like Summers, represents tradition and the status quo.

Mrs. Graves
Mrs. Graves is one of the female villagers, and she seems to accept the...

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